Southeastern Music Academy Performance Opportunities

Fireside Jazz Series held at 850 the Hub, the Fireside Jazz Series is a great way to hear some of the area’s great jazz musicians perform in a family friendly atmosphere. The Show’s also feature our very talented S.M.A students as well as other up and coming musicians.

S.M.A Jam Sessions at Cliff Bells. The S.M.A Jam Session is a great opportunity for students to enjoy real-life performance opportunities in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Each jam session features a local high school jazz ensemble followed by an exciting jam session. This is a great way to learn new repertoire as well as expand on the knowledge of previously learned songs. A new tune list will be posted on the S.M.A website before each jam session.

Festivals Concerts and More!!!!!!! Our program will be featured at many of the area’s best music events including the Michigan Jazz Festival at School Craft College, the Jazz Showcase held at Oakland University, The University of Michigan Jazz Festival and the Jazz Spectacular at Michigan State University just to name a few.